Zero Gravity Stage Generator V2


Hey. Again we’ve made a file that let’s you to create limitless presentations. With this file you will accept high quality images and mock ups to create unlimited presentations. We’ve tried a different concept for presenting jobs. Just worried about how a image will we accept when we “blow” objects. After that we’ve rented a Zero-G Plane and made a long flight to lift all of these objects photos. Sure. Just kidding. We’ve hung up objects and got some photos. When you’re using this file you will beget so much fun. Drag & Drop any object into your scene, sprint, rotate or scale them and give them some blur to accept focus on your work etc… In fact your are so free and you beget no GRAVITY. This is the easiest and funniest way to play with some items in the air.

You can accept very unique and remarkable presentations for your clients or for your own portfolio. Anymore we’ve added some ready made presentation stages to construct your work easier. You can create with this ready made PSD files or you can accept inspirations from them.

With this file you will accept;

– 33 Screen Mock Ups (Flying MacBooks, iPhone 6, iMacs, iPad Airs)
– 37 Print Mock Ups (Flying Magazines, Flyers, Books, Sketch Books)
– 11 Frame Mock Ups
– Over 150 Items (In many different categories and unique)
– 20 READY MADE PSD STAGES (All of them layered, includes light setups)
– Drag & Drop Stage Generator (sprint objects into them easily)
– 3D Generator (Contert your texts or logos into 3d with just replacing smart layers)

(All mock ups made via smart objects. Just double click on layer’s thumbnail and replace your images.)

*Because of Creativemarket files size limits, you will accept a PDF that includes download links. Never forget to subscribe our mail list.*

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