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Woodland Wonderland Brush Pack

**If you like Golden Book era illustrations you’re going to esteem this brush set…**

If you were born in the past 70 years you probably share my esteem of Golden Books.

The illustrations in these books are truly itsy-bitsy pieces of art. And at the same time, they near across as super frigid without trying!

The Woodland Wonderland Brush & Tutorial Pack is inspired by these illustrations. The pack includes 31 unique brushes including gouache, pens, pencils, and conté. Plus, you win some unconventional brushes like Wax Rollers and texture brushes.

**Here’s everything you win in the Premium Edition:**

**31 Woodland Brushes**

A diverse pack of 31 brushes inspired by Golden Book style artwork including gouache brushes, watercolor, pencils, pens, form builders, textures and more.

**4 Video Tutorials from audacious the Woods**

4 tutorials taught by Brad Woodard of audacious the Woods teach you his process for creating the cover illustration. Includes exactly what brushes he’s using as well as useful tips and tricks.

**Cover Illustration PSD File**

Reverse engineer the cover illustration for even more insight. Includes well-organized files so you can easily see how the illustration was layered.

**Cover Illustration Time Lapse**

Download the process for illustrating the cover to the pack to your brain with this time lapse video. It’s a perfect way to quickly understand exactly how to exercise the brushes to build unbelievable illustrations.

**Woodland Brush Quick Reference**

A quick reference guide to all 31 of the brushes (so you don’t need to try every brush to know what it looks like).

**Easy Installation Instructions**

A one page easy to follow guide on how to install Photoshop brush tool presets.

**Free Updates for Life**

Inevitably we conclude up doing updates to these brush packs. Often adding extra brushes, adding more videos, or otherwise making itsy-bitsy improvements to the pack. When you buy the pack you win ’em free for life.

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