Winter Gifting Collection – CS

**Create your own Gifting Winter Scene!**

A smaller themed collections, handpicked from the Winter Complete Collection. In the Gift Collection you will find all of the objects you would see in a beautifully curated flatlay gift wrapping scene with all of the understated seasonal scandinavian vibes. And what could be more scandi-chic than presents wrapped in neutral papers and hand tied with strings, ribbons and garnished with sprigs of evergreen… styled to perfection. Modern simplicity at its best. Personalise your flatlay scene by adding your favourite pattern to the gift wrap, adding your own message on the gift tag or customising the colour of the ribbon.

**This collection is included within the Winter Complete Collection**


– +130 Isolated objects
– 5 Pre-made Scenes Scenes (PSD files)
– Standard Resolution at 72 dpi
– High Resolution at 300dpi
– Add your content with smart objects
– Customize color object
– Organised layers and folders
– Separate all objects and shadows
– Dynamic Shadow
– Changeable background
– Instruction PDF file
– Simplified Version*

*All of our collections are available in a Simplified Version. If you don’t acquire access to Photoshop, or you prefer to spend other software, then this is the one for you. The simplified version includes all of the assets within this collection, but in layered PSD’s as well as JPG’s and PNG’s. These formats effect for super simple spend across many different software.

**List of isolated objects**

– Acorn Painted **(c)**
– Almond Metallic **(c)**
– Almond Painted **(c)**
– Blanket Folded Screwed Up **(c)**
– Bonzai Scissors
– Box Opened **(c)** **(+)**
– Box **(c)** **(+)**
– 5x7in Card **(c)** **(+)**
– 5x7in Envelope Front **(c)** **(+)**
– Cone Cypress White Wash
– Dried Oranges
– Dried Oranges Two Slices
– Fir Leaf
– Gift Tags without Node **(c)** **(+)**
– Gift Tags **(c)** **(+)**
– Gift Wrap Opened **(c)** **(+)**
– Gift Wrap Roll **(c)** **(+)**
– Halzenut Metallic **(c)**
– Halzenut Painted **(c)**
– Ivy Leaf
– Ivy Stem
– Mug Ceramic Flatlay Angled **(c)** **(+)**
– Package Opened Paper **(c)** **(+)**
– Package Rectangle **(c)** **(+)**
– Package Rectangle Damaged with Twine **(c)** **(+)**
– Package Square **(c)** **(+)**
– Paper Roll Loose Flatlay **(c)**
– Paper Roll **(c)**
– Paper Wrap **(c)**
– Paper Wrap Corner Curled **(c)**
– Pinecone
– Pinecone Birch White Wash
– Pinecone Large
– Pinecone Painted
– Pinecones Long Painted
– Red Berries
– Ribbon **(c)**
– Ribbon Bow **(c)**
– Ribbon Gift **(c)**
– Ribbon Roll Flatlay **(c)**
– Ribbon Roll **(c)**
– Scarf Wool Folded Screwed Up **(c)**
– Small Pinecone Metallic **(c)**
– Small Pinecone Painted **(c)**
– Snow Corner
– Snow Small Pile
– Sweater Folded **(c)**
– Twine **(c)**
– Twine Bow **(c)**
– Twine Flatlay **(c)**
– Twine Loose Flatlay **(c)**
– Twine Paper **(c)**
– Twine Paper Bow **(c)**
– Twine Rolled Up **(c)**
– Twine Stripped Curled Strip **(c)**
– Twine Stripped Node **(c)**
– Twine Stripped Roll **(c)**
– Twine Stripped Strip **(c)**
– Vintage Toy Car
– Vintage Toy Train Flatlay
– Winter Holly Leaf
– Winter Holly Leaves with Berry
– Winter Pine
– Winter Pine Branch
– Wooly Hat Folded Flatlay **(c)**

**Photoshop Feature**
– **(c) Color Editable**
– **(+) Content Editable**

**Software Requirements**
– *PSB Files* requires Adobe Photoshop CS2+
– *Simplified Version* works with any Image Software






Download Winter Gifting Collection – CS