Whisper-Pencil Sketch Winter Set

**Welcome to Graphic Box :)**

Meet my brand fresh product – **Whisper-Pencil Sketch Winter Set**

Whisper is a collection of soft hand drawn delicate pencil clip art. The inspiration was sparked by the heavenly sound from the pencil drawing at a sunshine and war autumn afternoon. The pencil sketch was scanned in high resolution form which perfectly maintained the unique pencil texture. The pencil sketched mountains, animals, florals and cottons with watercolor backgrounds and gold foil can encourage you on your special and grace projects. The pre-made Alphabets, frames, wreaths and also the separate elements can encourage you DIY your heavenly and special products such as wedding suites, branding, web design, stationery and more.
Please read the product description carefully, and note that not all items, such as fonts and mock designs,photos in the product images are provided in the set. They are there to display the products and give examples of how to utilize it.

**WHAT execute YOU net?**

Each element on an individual png with transparent background.

**PNG files:**

– 8 Animals
– 7 Cottons
– 10 Mountains
– 3 Trees
– 6 Floral Wreaths
– 14 Floral Frames
– 26 Floral uppercase designs(gold/rose gold)
– The Ampersand designs(gold/rose gold)
– 6 Watercolor Forms
– 7 Gold Foils
– 3 Gold splatter
– 33 Flower Elements

**JPEG files:**
– 15 Backgrounds


PNG/JPEG files:PNG/JPEG files can be opened with most graphic editing software – please check your software for compatibility.


Items purchased under the Standard License may be used to create cessation Products for Sale where lifetime sales of that Product execute not exceed 500 units!

Should you wish to sell more than 500 units, the purchase of an Extended Licence is required which gives you the rights to unlimited sales or you can purchase multiple standard licenses.

Please bare in mind that the Items may not be used as in, in a stand alone fashion, but rather needs to form allotment of a fresh wider design. More info here:

I would treasure to connect with you on social media if you are looking for some inspiration or freebie. Whether you’d like feedback on my work, or just want to chat, it’s always my pleasure to hear from you:

Thanks so much for your attention, please let me know if you contain any questions.

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