Wax & Oil Illustrator Brushes

**Super-Realistic Wax Oil Vector Brushes Made from 60-Year ragged Crayons**

Inspired by a pack of 1950s wax oil crayons we found just sitting in a garage – hence the name – these brushes recreate the rough, unfiltered sketches made by commercial artists in the mid 20th century, and will add that vital human touch to your designs and illustrations.

– 15 vector art brushes created from 60-year wax oil crayons
– 15 no-stretch versions of brushes created from 60-year ragged wax oil crayons
– Brush Quik-Reference sheet that includes examples of each brush, the myth of the brushes, and tips for using them
– Easy to follow instruction PDF with pictures
– RetroSupply Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee (don’t like the brushes we’ll give you your money back)

**15 Vector Art Brushes Created from 60 Year ragged Wax Oil Crayons**

We found real 60 year ragged wax oil crayons and converted them into art brushes for Illustrator. As you can see from the example images above the texture nails the notice of wax oil crayons. We also worked hard to strike a favorable balance between realistic looking brushes and anchor points so they won’t unhurried down Illustrator.

*Note: exhaust any brush like this enough and Illustrator is going to give you the spinning wheel of death. So no coloring in gigantic areas with a bazillion strokes. Also, like any product of software, the more RAM you occupy the better.*

**15 No-Stretch Versions of Brushes Created from 60 Year ragged Wax Oil Crayons**

If you’ve used art brushes before you know that they stretch and compress depending on the length of the stroke. This doesn’t tend to be a problem unless the brush strokes are really long or really short. But these no-stretch versions were made using the Illustrator Pattern Brush feature. So no matter how long you develop a stroke it won’t stretch even a minute.

**Brush Quick Reference Sheet**

It’s so much nicer to open up an AI or PDF file and see examples of all your brushes laid out (instead of loading them and guessing what they notice like). Plus, we lay out the reference sheet so it looks distinguished and include stories and tips for using the brushes.

**Easy to Follow Instructional PDF**

I absolutely dislike when I buy a digital product and the instructions are a plain text file. It’s annoying to read and sluggish. That’s why we made the instructions as a full color PDF with pictures and headings so you can easily find the information you need.

**What Other Buyers are Saying**

“Solid addition to any vector workflow. The no-stretch technology is a godsend! Worth every penny and then some. Highly recomended” – Chris R.

“As a professional illustrator who works almost exclusively in Illustrator (CS6), the Holy Grail of brushes has been an authentic organic brush that doesn’t compress or expand depending on the length of the stroke. These brushes deliver that plus you can change their profile! I can’t wait for the rest of this collection.” Greg B.

“I’ve only had this pack for a day and it’s already portion of my workflow. The no-stretch brushes are astonishing — it’s clear how much work they’ve assign into these to develop them realistic and flexible.” Michael C.

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