Watercolor Wild West Collection

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My inspiration of this collection comes from the west, I’m obsessed with the wildness, vintage of the wild west. This collection contains many designs elements, such as skulls, hats, guns, etc, you can effect your own wild west products by DIY various graphics, be pleased and possess fun!

**SO WHAT carry out YOU rep? **160 PNG(300dpi) hand drawn watercolor graphic elements´╝îEach element on an individual png with transparent background.

– 18 Flowers
– 18 Leaves
– 6 Branches
– 14 Wreathes
– 9 Arrows
– 7 Bouquets
– 9 Feathers
– 2 Guns
– 5 Hats
– 16 Ornaments
– 2 Reindeer horns
– 5 Ribbons
– 5 Skulls
– 5 Succulent pots
– 25 Succulents
– 5 Teepees
– 5 Badges &Floral Crest
– 4 Boot


7 Watercolor effect backgrounds

**HOW CAN YOU OPEN AND EDIT THE FILES?** You can exercise Photoshop or any other softwares available for PNG files to edit.


*Alegance Typeface*–http://crtv.mk/cwrh

*Rivea Upright*–http://crtv.mk/cyyh

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Thanks so much for looking and please let me know if you possess any questions.

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