Watercolor Evil Scary Halloween

Watercolor Evil Scary Halloween set for celebrating the autumn holidays. This set will complement your halloween or any other. These illustrations are suitable for creating souvenir products, such as mugs, T-shirts, backpacks, postcards, hoodies and much more.

The package includes 45 **PNG** watercolor illustrations: 3 bat (shy, cheerful, holy), twigs, feathers, pumpkins, garlands, wreaths of twigs, hats of witches, broom, spider, thorns, grave, potion with potions 3 **PNG** seamless patterns of twigs and pumpkin and much more. Also you can utilize for creative invitations.

This set is ideal for creating postcards, mugs, T-shirts and different souvenir products.

You can utilize in your close products according to this license:



– Invitations
– Stationary
– Packaging
– Greeting Cards
– Websites
– And so much more..

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I hope you bask in NADI SPASIBENKO SHOP!

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