Vintage Vector Ornaments

I created this set, because after creating the typographic compositions for my Stately font. I’d been admiring vintage typography and how ornamented it was and wanted to achieve something in that style. After creating the “Georgia on My Mind” design, I wanted to achieve more designs like that, but quicker. The ornamentation took longer than setting the type. So I decided to create myself a “kit of parts” that I could employ to quickly add flourish and flair to my work. I’ve been working on this set on and off for two years and I’m excited to share it with you now.

When I’ve bought design elements like these in the past, I usually want to modify them, but the elements own all been expanded into shapes so it can be a challenge. So with this set, I left the strokes intact so you can edit the paths as you wish. It’s easy to combine elements to create current ones. I even included the ‘building blocks” I used to create many of these ornaments. Things like spirals and swirls that I was using over and over again, so you own the tools to create even more ornaments.

This set includes:
– 180 editable ornaments (plus 80 alternates with variable widths)
– 40 building block elements (so you can create current ornaments or add elements to the ornaments in the set)
– 1 symbol set of the 180 ornaments so you can quickly add elements to your design if you achieve not design on modifying them
– 6 typographic templates with guidelines for adding text and pre-filled with ornaments
– a brief video overview of the set

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