Vintage Floral Clip Art – Dutch

**Digital Floristry clip art collection – Dutch**

fill you ever wanted to create something beautifully rich and temperamental for a design project? This is your chance to not just purchase a floral photograph but a collection of floral clip art pieces in this style, allowing you the freedom to create your own finished piece. Each element has been individually photographed, the background digitally removed and cleaned up. Each floral is clarified and adjusted with many filters and textures. We want our designers to fill the latest design resources, so we continue to try and push the boundary of what is the norm.

For this set we were clearly inspired by dutch floral paintings. We cherish the deep heritage colours of this set. Some of the elements within this set fill been darkened so that you can add depth to your designs and arrangements. This clip art works just as ordinary clip art and the individual elements can be arranged to how you would like. The artwork looks best against darker backgrounds. spend this set to create invitations, design blogs, websites or logo etc.

**What You regain:**

– 32 x individual clip art pieces in JPEG and transparent PNG format.
– 1 x large floral arrangement in JPEG and transparent PNG format.
– 4 x floral arrangements in JPEG and transparent PNG format.

**How To:**

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**Terms of spend:**

– All personal spend is permitted
– spend the graphics to originate items for your own business spend – e.g. Your logo, branding or social media etc.
– Must incorporate the artwork into a current product to be able to originate it available for sale. The halt product may be physical or digital – e.g. wedding stationery, apparel, housewares.
– You cannot re-sell the graphics, copy or transfer them to anyone else. You cannot originate current clip art, digital graphics or digital graphic resources for sale using our designs.
– All our sets include a Standard License –

**Standard License**

– This license applies to only one clip art set or graphic collection.
– You may spend this set to originate 1 halt product for sale, limited to 500 (unit) sales.
– We additionally allow you to spend this set in unlimited products for sale, however you MUST provide credit to
– Or you can spend this set in 1 paid for client job (must not give them access to the original files).

You also fill the option of purchasing an Extended License –

**Extended License**

– You may spend this set to originate unlimited halt products for sale with no limit to the number of sales you originate.
– Unlimited client work (must not give them access to the original files).
– This license applies to only one clip art set or graphic collection.

If you purchase the Extended License and wish to fill a License emailed to you please just regain in touch.

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We also offer Unlimited Licenses for larger companies as well as App Licenses and Server Licenses. Please regain in touch for more details.

We hope you appreciate using your current clip art. We would cherish to see what you create:

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