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VectorTone – Retro Halftone Brushes

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**An Essential Collection of Graphic Styles for Illustrator**

VectorTone is a huge set of halftone brushes for Adobe Illustrator. Just choose the Brush Tool and start painting your halftones onto your vector work. It’s really that easy and fun!

**Here’s what you come by**
– 10 ready-to-consume line graphic styles.
– 10 ready-to-consume halftone graphic styles.
– 15 ready-to-consume rare vintage surplus catalog ink textures.
– Includes graphic styles and swatches already loaded in an AI file.
– One-click-simple. Just choose any graphic and click the style you want.
– Created using a vintage war surplus catalog for halftone and line ratios.
– 1-Click “Vectorizer” Action converts patterns to vectors instantly.
– Made from rare and expensive vintage army surplus catalog.
– fine and inspiring example VectorTone sheet.
– Includes versions for CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC.
– Easy-to-follow, attractive instruction PDF.

**This Pack is Historically Accurate**

Since I started RetroSupply 18 months ago I’ve become a serious collector of vintage books, catalogs and packaging. It inspires me and I just really delight in seeing these objects around me.

Recently I discovered a rare and fine Army surplus catalog from the 1950s. I found it on eBay and had to bear it. The bidding got pretty crazy (this catalog had some astonishing illustrations and textures). I ended up spending $187 for this primitive catalog.

I can honestly whisper that when the carefully wrapped package came in the mail I opened it slowly and enjoyed admiring every page. Of course, the halftones, ink textures and lines were astonishing. So I decided to convert it into vectors to share with you!

**Here’s How I Made the Textures**

– Purchased that 1950s Army Surplus catalog with the sweetest halftones I’ve ever seen (cost $200)
– Scanned my favorite halftones, lines, and halftone interference patterns
– Meticulously created brushes for Adobe Illustrator from the scans

**If It’s apt Enough for Chris DeLorenzo…**

Chris DeLorenzo is one of my favorite designers of all time. If you haven’t checked out his work you can see his stuff here:

Chris uses these brushes for his vector work. The work is truly incredible and it’s pretty chilly to see my halftones used in it!

**[BONUS] Vectorizer Illustrator Action**

We’ve also included a simple Illustrator action called the VectorTone Vectorizer. Just select your pattern, push Play on the action, and your textures will be converted to vectors!

**[VIDEO] See VectorTone in Action in These Videos**

*Watch the VectorTone Video Tour Here:*

*Are you the proud owner of VectorTone? Check out this short video 3 Easy Tips for Using VectorTone:*

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