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Vectallic Magic CS5+6 Vector Brushes

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*YOU ASKED, and I listened!*
**After so many requests, I’ve converted my original Vectallic Magic Illustrator CC Brushes, so those of you using Illustrator CS5 and CS6 can now accumulate in on the creamy, creamy brush stroke action!**

**Changing the way you deem about Illustrator!**
I myself am a huge Photoshop user, using Illustrator only selectively. But there are some incredible things you can only achieve in Illustrator, and these Vectallic Magic brushes are a powerful example of harnessing the best of Illustrator’s power to accumulate aesthetic DIRECTIONAL STROKES to add to your artwork! Even if you’re not a regular Illustrator user, what you can achieve with these brushes will totally lure you in for some fun!

**Elevate your artwork!**
Whether you’re using the strokes on their own, or just as portion of your design or illustration, they elevate your art, change your concept of what’s possible, and save tons of time!

**The Essentials Collection for ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS5 AND CS6 Includes:**

**Copy and Paste Brush Charts / Ai Brush Libraries:**
I bear set up and organized each set of brush strokes in it’s own document, and there are copy and paste brush charts with the brushes already applied to a sample stroke, labeled and organized.

**Brush strokes in original gold or colored brush option**
The 20 Vectallic Magic brushes feature 5 unique paint styles and 4 lengths (small, medium, long, extra long), plus there is an additional 20 matching 1-color standard Illustrator brushes, and 5 bonus ink splatter brushes. Since this version is pure vector, there is also the novel COLORED stroke option, for applying the gold strokes effortlessly in any color!

**Photoshop Bonus Styles:**
For those of you (like myself), who prefer to work in Photoshop. These Color Add-On Styles allow you to quickly change the color of your strokes or illustrations after pasting them in Photoshop.

**Bonus Photoshop Mixer Brush:**
I esteem painting the brush strokes in Illustrator to create the foundation for my illustration, then taking them into Photoshop and smudging the design around with my mixer brush to give it a truly hand-made search for. I include my favorite depart-to mixer brush, plus give you a powerful tutorial to display you how easy this technique is!

**In-depth Tutorials ☞**
I took the time to manufacture a HUGE tutorial playlist to walk you through all the aspects of working with the novel Vectallic Magic brushes. There are 14 videos and over 88 minutes of instruction included, and I give you all kinds of tips and tricks for getting the most out of these revolutionary novel brushes! Whether you want to just start playing around with them, or whether you want to depart more in-depth and grow your illustration techniques, I’ve got you covered. The playlist is organized and ordered so that you can jump in with the basics or depart more advanced ☞

**Reference Charts:**
Handy labeled and organized JPEG charts with all of the brush strokes.

**Don’t exercise Illustrator at all?**
You don’t bear to miss out on all the fun and gorgeous strokes if you don’t exercise or bear Adobe Illustrator CS5 or later! I’ve included 110 print resolution PNGs of a variety of shapes created with the brush strokes, so that you can exercise them in your graphic program of choice. You won’t bear the brush functionality obviously, but you can exercise the shapes created with the brush strokes in your illustrations and designs.


**What version of Illustrator achieve I need to exercise the Vectallic Magic brushes?**
You MUST bear Illustrator CS5 or CS6 to exercise these brushes. You will also need a copy of Photoshop to exercise the optional Color Add-On Styles if you prefer to colorize your designs in Photoshop. If you don’t bear or don’t exercise Illustrator CS5+, you can exercise the 110 print resolution PNGs included in your designs and illustrations (see above). If you bear the latest version of illustrator, you can exercise the ORIGINAL Vectallic Magic Image brushes found here

**Can I exercise these brushes to manufacture artwork and designs for resale?**
Absolutely! I especially want to be supportive of my fellow “small shop” owners who manufacture designs, printables and other art for resale! I bear a few common sense guidelines included in a read-me doc that comes in your download package.

**What level of Illustrator knowledge achieve I need to bear to exercise these brushes?**
You should know some illustrator basics, but I give you a ton of instruction on how to exercise these revolutionary brushes whether or not you generally work in Illustrator. I bear to admit, I work primarily in Photoshop myself, but there are SUCH fantastic things you can achieve with Illustrator that you simply can’t achieve in Photoshop. These brushes are a powerful example, you simply can’t achieve this in Photoshop.

**How did you manufacture these fantastic smooth and shimmery strokes?**
I used a complicated combination of techniques within Photoshop to manipulate my 24 Karat Liquid Gold styles, mixed in a dash of InstaGlam styles, and finished it off with a bit of magic. No really, it was a $%&#-ton of trial and error to accumulate just the search for I was going for, which is why I started this project in the beginning of January, and it’s finally ready for release in April! I wanted to create more than just a realistic brush stroke — I wanted a bit of magic and fantasy, which I deem I bear delivered in spades

Got a question? Send me a message and I’ll accumulate real back with you! xx Jess

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