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Vallery Hills Family ( 50% off! )

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Vallery Hills Family ( 50% off! )

When I was surfing the internet, with rock n ‘roll music. I accidentally found a picture of a hotel sign with a very unique style, namely: Mid-century Modern (MCM). It looks very pretty and charming to me. And inspired me to create Font Family. And I am proud to present the Vallery Hills Font Family.

This font is in the Retro style of the 50s to 60s. Okay, here are the specifications.

**1. Vallery Hills Schrift**

There is one unique thing about this font. Usually, script fonts with Retro style always acquire an angled anatomical shape, but I made this font upright. The goal is to develop a incompatibility with other script fonts I’ve seen. By the way, this font comes in two styles, namely: Regular and Bouncy. Why achieve I develop it like that? Because I want to develop this font into two different functions, namely: If you want to develop it a Display Font, which is usually used for Headings, then utilize the Bouncy style. And if you want to utilize it as Bodytext, then utilize Regular.

**2. Vallery Hills Sherift**

This second font is a font that is very synonymous with the Mid-century Modern (MCM) era. A very distinctive form of the serif font of that era. Similar to the first font, this font also has 2 styles, namely: Regular and Bouncy.

You can combine this font with the other two fonts in Vallery Hills. It could be Title, or Bodytext. And you can also combine two styles, namely: Regular and Bouncy. Try!

**3. Vallery Hills Suns Sherift**

This last font is Sans Serif. Also has 2 styles like his two brothers, namely: Regular and Bouncy. The goal is actually the same. I am sure you are cooler to create a design that uses this font family.

Well, there is one advantage of this font from its two siblings, which is that it has a feature, namely: SMALLCAPS. Which will be an option when you are bored with the mediocre shape or style of Lowercase. Try combining the Smallcaps with Uppercase or Lowercase. Must be cold! : D

Oops, almost forgot. This font consists of several font formats, namely: OTF, TTF, and Webfonts. And of course everything is MULTILANGUAGE.

OK, friends. That’s all I can characterize about the Vallery Hills Family. Hopefully it will please all of you. Cheers!

Download Vallery Hills Family ( 50% off! )

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