Urban Frames – 35 mockups

First time ever – frames are going outside !!!

**”Urban Frames” mockups set allows you quickly and easily display your creations of any kind on outside surfaces**

This product features 35 Uniques and different outside locations.

**Any size frames , any thickness frames and any color frames are the feature of that product!**

**’Urban Frames’ provides fantastic mockups including:**
* Smart Object based frames (changeable design);
* 35 unique and frosty locations photos;
* 7 frames types;
* Adjustable size of each frame;
* Adjustable thickness of frames;
* Adjustable color of each frame;
* Video tutorial;
* Organised layer for easy access;
* And yes, frames are movable!

**’Urban Frames’ are perfect for:**

* Brand identity posters;
* Advertising posters;
* Shop presentation;
* Meny promo;
* Urban posters;
* Typography project;
* Restaurant, bar, pub branding presentation;
* Identity portfolio presentation;
* And many other type or promotional and presentational projects.

All mockups comes with .jpg thumbnails previews, so you can easily locate the ones you’re interested in without open Photoshop.

Check out video tutorial for that product – https://vimeo.com/269623594

_All images in frames are strictly for previews purposes only, not included in final product and are copyright of their respectful owners._

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