Typeform — Pressform generator

Typeform text effects allow you to create awesome scenes, own and unique typeform compositions. Just drag and drop items into special scene. Change text or paste logo by just a few clicks.
You can create scenes using three different views: perspective, topview, frontview.
Also you can consume premade scenes for quicker start.

– Items — *about* 700x700px.
– Scene – 2600x1440px.

**Click on previews and scroll to view all items, scenes and features.**

Some items contains as a allotment of “I am Creator / Topview” http://crtv.mk/j04g8 and “I am Creator / Perspective” http://crtv.mk/s0ASa. Also this pack contains novel items and scenes.

Archived version is 1,8 GB. Because of a enormous file size, you will receive PDF with links to Dropbox and Yandex-disk (mirror). Dropbox sometimes may not works, that’s why it contains mirror Yandex-disk links.

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