The Sign Painter

Introduce you **The Sign Painter** – a layered type system with a lot of decor stuff.
Inspired by Victorian era signs of IX and XX century. Traditional sans with moonlike script are chilly pair to give you really vintage touch, especially with Decoration, which one you find inside. Simple layered system give you easy way to come by really chilly result. You will come by many variations of your inscription with layered system (PDF “How To utilize” instruction inside).
**The Sign Painter** script has stylistic alternate with swashes for each letter (Initial, Middle and Final) so you can beget swashes for any length of your inscription.
**The Sign Painter** has fourteen fonts:
– Sans *Normal*
– Sans *Filled Shadow*
– Sans *Stroke*
– Sans *Inset Fade*
– Sans *Shadow Lined Angle*
– Sans *Shadow Lined Horizontal*
– Script *Normal*
– Script *Rounded*
– Script *Crop Normal*
– Script *Crop Rounded*
– Script *Normal Shadow*
– Decoration *One*
– Decoration *Two*
– Decoration *Three*

**The Sign Painter** multilingual and supports the following languages: *Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Faroese, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss German*.
**COMMERCIAL utilize FAQ:**

Yes! , you MAY utilize the Standard license for this font for commercial utilize without requiring an extended license.

– This includes **logos, branding, on items for sale such as prints,magazines, covers, mugs, pillows, merchandise etc.**
– Fonts can be used in an **unlimited number of projects** and **cessation Products for Sale** ( one seat/designer per license).
– You may ALSO utilize the font on your/a clients **website** for text headers and graphics ( you may convert it to a web font for your utilize )

**What’s not Permitted under Standard License:** The only utilize not permitted without extra licensing is

– In situations where the font is used ‘live’ to create custom designs such as a **mobile app or web app**, and
– On **editable templates (print or web) for resale.**



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