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The Phantom Isles: Retro Tiki Font

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The Phantom Isles: Retro Tiki Font

**A Textured Retro Font Inspired by Tropical Tiki Style and South Sea Adventures!**

The Phantom Isles is a hand-drawn font inspired by 1950s Tiki culture and tales of exotic locations and south sea adventures. It features the textured discover of weathered wood and is the perfect choice for book covers, movie titles, theme parks or vintage themed events.

The font includes a complete set of uppercase and lowercase characters, along with numbers, punctuation, symbols and language support. You’ll also find a set of specially illustrated underlines, shapes and icons including flora and fauna, archaic rope, skulls and more.


The Phantom Isles Font:

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**A Brief History of Tiki Culture**

Originating from Māori mythology, a tiki is a wooden or stone carving that represents deified ancestors found in most Polynesian cultures. The mainstream and commercialised Tiki Culture that became well-liked across America from the 1930s to 50s was inspired by the sentimental appeal of an idealised South Pacific, particularly Hawaii, as viewed through the experiences of those who had visited such areas during World War II and cinematic depictions of radiant scenery, forbidden like and the potential for danger. Over time it selectively incorporated more cultural elements of other regions that affected Polynesia, such as Southeast Asia.

The Americanised form of Tiki Culture maintains a dedicated following today, particularly among those interested in 1950s graphic and interior design, history and the escapist lounge aesthetic it inspires.

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