The Mammoth! Watercolour Kit

**COMMERCIAL employ ALLOWED**- The Standard License on Creative Market allows Commercial employ of fonts and add-ons 🙂 Unlimited Sales, Unlimited Projects with only a few exceptions – See

**Please note, this item is currently being sold as fraction of a bundle 🙂 You can see the whole bundle here :**

**Due to common request, and because I’m feeling the savor…this product will remain discounted at $40 for you all :)**

**$300** worth of BRAND recent goods! Lovingly packed into a **$40** Giant Watercolour Kit 🙂

I’m spreading the savor!nnI just savor painting, I just savor drawing, and I just savor lettering…so I guess it was just a matter of time before I combined them all into one gigantic-mega pack for all of you 🙂

Brace yourself…for the all-recent, **MAMMOTH Watercolour Media-Maker Kit!** – an utterly HUMUNGOUS collection of all-recent **vector graphics, fonts, watercolours, foils, patterns, papers, splatters** and …..**design secrets!**

Equipped with just this pack – you will be an unstoppable watercolour design machine…without even picking up a paint brush 🙂

obtain greetings, logos, packaging, invitations, stationery, merchandise, posters, websites, digital presentations and more….You need nothing else! You fill everything you need in one pack ….to recede wild!:)

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**What to see what you can achieve?**

Click on Preview Screen 5 above and scroll down to secure some inspiration!

♥♥♥♥♥ This Utterly MAMMOTH Kit Includes : ♥♥♥♥♥

**(See a visual representation of whats listed below, via the images you see above – click them and scroll down, to see it all!)**

**VECTORS!** A whopping **500** newly-illustrated vector elements , wobbly-edged, and watercolour-ready to employ on their own or with watercolours applied. (Eps and Photoshop layered Vector Shapes)

**WATERCOLOURS!** 63 Brand recent Watercolour Styles for employ in Photoshop. The recent colours were formulated with colour trends in mind… In just **ONE click** – you fill your watercolour effect! employ it just like that – or play with the setting to obtain a million variations with just one swatch! (Photoshop CS5+)

**FONTS** – YES…FONTS!! A whopping collection of brand recent 12 Hand-lettered Fonts – exclusive to this pack – designed to complement each other perfectly in your typographic designs.

**HOT FOILS** 8 recent Foils Styles – because who can live without foil suitable now? One click in Photoshop – and you are golden 🙂 (Photoshop CS5+)

**TRENDY PATTERNS** 6 Super-Trendy Watercolour-Ready Patterns : DOTS,STRIPES,CHEVRONS….stay with whats in fashion and you are set! (Photoshop CS5+)

**recent SEAMLESS Paper Textures** – Whats watercolour without some paper texture? obtain your designs leer extra authentic – instructions included 🙂 (Photoshop CS5+)

**SPLATTERS** – What is watercolour without some haphazard splatters? (Eps, Photoshop Layered Vector Shapes)

**DESIGN SECRETS** – A set of my very own design secrets – design tricks, and on how to secure watercolour designs to really POP….share them with NO-ONE 🙂

**INSTRUCTIONS** – Basics on how to employ the Photoshop Styles – quick and easy visuals to secure you up and running in minutes of you don’t know how.

**HANDY STYLE GUIDE** For you to find the style you want – quick!

♥♥♥ Please Note ♥♥♥
This is a truly Mammoth-sized pack and it contains both Screen Resolution and Print Resolution Watercolours and Styles.

Due to Creative Markets upload limit, the HIGH RESOLUTION versions are available to download separately, at your leisure, from Dropbox – **the links are included in your download zip file** 🙂

So there you fill it! recede NUTS!

If you need any assistance at all , don’t hesitate to drop me a line! And I savor seeing what you obtain – so feel free to demonstrate off! 🙂

fill Fun!! xxx

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