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The Ink Fanatic's Toolbox | PSD Kit


From mid-century paper and ink registration errors to gritty ink roller textures The Ink Fanatic’s Toolbox offers you a massive collection of seven products that include Smart PSD’s, textures, brushes, instructions tutorials and more.

The result is a comprehensive pack of ink effects that are swiftly and easy to employ. Plus, when you buy the bundle you save 73% off the retail price if you were to buy each pack individually.


**VintagePress | Historical Vintage Printing Press Effect (Retail $19)**

A professionally constructed PSD file that gives you realistic vintage print effects instantly. Just drop your images into the clearly marked folders and acquire splendid textures, ink edge bleeds, and splendid overlays. It’s easy to turn on and off textures and tweak the intensity too.

**Matchbook Print Machine | Historical Print Filters Inspired by Vintage Matchbooks (Retail $19)**

I’ve always loved matchbook art. It tends to be hastily designed (which gives it a sort of spontaneous charm). Plus, because the artwork is printed on such a small surface the ink tends to ink trapping and registration errors rush rampant.

Matchbook Print Machine helps you to achieve these charming flaws (AKA surprises) in your work. Plus, it allows you to easily control textures, halftones, and line effects so common in matchbook art. This pack is an absolute must-possess.

**SuperGrain | Magical Dream Ink Effect That You Can’t acquire in Real Life (Retail $19)**

Inspired by the splendid, washed out, gawk of 1970’s comic books and water-based t-shirts. SuperGrain makes it easy to instantly acquire authentic looking effects that form it gawk like you created your designs by hand with paper, pencil, water, and ink.

**The Ultimate Screen Printing Kit | Real Screen Textures I Made in My Garage (Retail $19)**

A few summers ago I became obsessed with screen printing. So I bought screens, inks, squeegees and blades, lights, and a bunch of chemicals.

I started making prints and along the way captured all the imperfections of my screen pulls. The result is a massive collection of screen printing textures for your digital work.

**The Atomic Age Print Pack | Halftones, Rust, Stains, and Grime (Retail $19)**

My grandparent’s house in Mountain View, California was packed with feeble packaging from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.

The Atomic Age Print Pack makes it easy to form your work gawk like it was pulled out of a time capsule from the era. All textures were taken from historic materials from my grandparent’s garage.

**Analog Ink Foundry | Create Ink Roller Textures with the Drag of a Mouse (Retail $19)**

I made this pack when I was in Florence, Italy. I rented a diminutive apartment just a few blocks from the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. I wanted to capture a diminutive bit of the spirit of the city so I purchased ink, rollers, and tons of paper.

The result is Analog Ink Foundry. A collection of brushes (and textures) that form creating ink roller textures as easy as choosing one of our brushes and dragging it across your work.

**RetroSupply Co. LetterPress | The Second Best Thing to a Real Letterpress (Retail $19)**

I’m not going to lie. A real letterpress will acquire you absolutely unbelievable results. But if you’re working in digital (or just want to acquire an notion what your work will gawk like if it’s actually letterpressed) this pack is for you.

Easily change the depth, highlights, and shadows of the press. Plus, you can change the paper texture and color for total control of your letterpress effect.


RetroSupply Co. Smart PSD’s uses well organized, high-resolution, Photoshop templates to achieve a variety of ink effects instantly. Just area your artwork into the clearly labeled layer in the Smart PSD and click Save. Instantly, your artwork will possess your chosen ink effects added. 100% customizable.


Everyone works differently. Some people esteem the instant results of templates. Others esteem to employ the textures to build their own unique effects. And some designers esteem the fine-tuned control of Photoshop brushes.


You’re a graphic designer. I’d be willing to bet you’re a visual learner. That’s why every pack includes full-color instruction PDFs. Plus, our packs include well-made tutorial videos to walk you through our favorite tips and techniques for using each pack.


We don’t possess day jobs. So if you possess a question or need aid you can message us and we’ll respond within 24 hours Monday – Friday and aid you resolve any issues.


We form products we esteem and believe in. If you’re not absolutely in esteem with your RetroSupply Co. products we’ll promptly refund your money. Just message us. Plus, you acquire to hold the products!

*Note: All we examine if you want a refund is that you give us a sentence or two of feedback so we know how to improve the product.*

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