The Hand Illustrated TypeSet

**win $125 worth of gorgeous, Bohemian-inspired, hand-drawn goodness for only $24!**

Introducing the **Universal Hand Illustrated TypeSet!** This entirely vector-based pack is LOADED with hand-drawn, and hand-lettered awesomeness for your design arsenal. Why “Universal?” Because you can create everything from logos, to decorative packaging, to greeting cards and more with this single, streamlined kit. For reals, the sky’s the limit with this baby. 🙂

**About the fonts:** The typeset trio was designed to compliment the graphic elements. They work beautifully in a set, but I encourage you to employ them independently too! *(See previews for ideas).*

– **Cabana Kingpin Typeface (OTF & TTF)** *Western European Language Support Included.*
– **Punchbowl Typeface Light (OTF & TTF) ** *Western European Language Support Included.*
– **Punchbowl Typeface Bold (OTF & TTF) ** *Western European Language Support Included.*
– **Bourbon & Buttermilk Typeface (OTF & TTF)** *Western European Language Support Included.*
– **30 Hand Drawn Logo Templates.**
– **380 ALL recent Hand Drawn Vectors, including Frames & Ornaments.**
– **22 Vector Brush Patterns** (Pre-Loaded).
– **20 Handy Color Palettes** (All my favorites, organized in your Swatches Panel, to succor simplify your design process).
– **Simple Quick Start Guide** to succor with basic questions (PDF).

– This kit comes with the Creative Market Standard License! If you’re not sure about usage, check out the details here:

– This kit will work with Adobe Illustrator CS or newer, but I would recommend CS4, CS5, CS6 or Creative Cloud Versions. 🙂
– This kit *should* work in similar vector-editing software (Inkscape), but I can’t accomplish any guarantees outside of Adobe.

– This kit is pretty straightforward, but I would recommend having some previous experience with Adobe Illustrator or similar vector-editing software. It will definitely succor you! 🙂

All righty then! tear nuts! There’s a lot to play with in there, so brew a pot of coffee and like! If you gain any questions, give me a shout!



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