The Elegant Mock-Up Scene Creator

YOU, my awesome customers, occupy made this product a huge success ever since it went live and that’s why I thought: just about time to protest “thank you”! 🙂
Therefore I’ve just added another couple of pretty items to this collection (see last preview). I hope, you’ll appreciate them!
Also, all objects are now available as PNGs, too. (Please note that some additional options such as seamless color change and especially smart objects aren’t supported by this file format!)
With the fresh files, the product’s size now exceeded CM’s file size limit and I had to store them elsewhere. If you’ve already purchased, feel free to drop me a PM, so I can send you a direct link and you don’t occupy to download 4GB again – just for the link in the relieve text.

I absolutely **savor** styled stock imagery. Those intelligent and airy, carefully styled feminine photos … you sure know what I’m talking about!
But as awesome they may be, it yet lies in their nature to be pretty generic, because they aim at being a respectable match for a variety of occasions. Therefore they can never **perfectly** reflect your brand identity or expose the exact yarn **YOU**’d like to expose.
That’s why I thought: Why not bring those pretty elements we all savor that much together as a scene creator instead? That way, you can easily gather the small beauties you’d like to add to your scene (without messing up your entire apt in search of the one perfect object or breaking the bank in order to buy props!), arrange them the way you want, add your logo, design or as much text as needed and create literally **everything** – from classic product mock-ups, announcements, shop headers and visual quotes to eye-catching imagery for your Instagram or Pinterest. Just as if you had captured the scene yourself!

Here it finally comes: the elegant and feminine mock-up and scene creator! It’s packed with more than 120 isolated items – from stationery to natural elements (assume succulents and eucalyptus!) – plus 8 pre-made scenes and 10 backgrounds. So, score ready to create and appreciate! 🙂


**And here’s what you score:**

– 135+ carefully isolated items as PSDs (thematically grouped in 12 files at super high resolution, everything’s layered, named and neatly organized
– realistic editable shadows on separate layers
– Many items reach with smart object layers, so you can insert your design or text with just a few clicks.
– Some items also reach with alternative color options or even seamlessly editable color (see previews).
– 8 pre-made scenes ready to be used
– 10 backgrounds



The PSD files work with CS3 or newer.
PNG files work with all kinds of image editing software and in Canva, too. Smart objects and some item features such as seamless color editing are not supported by this file format, though.
The backgrounds reach as JPGs and blank versions of the pre-made scenes are included as such as well.

**Basic Photoshop skills are required**, but feel free to shoot me a massage, if you occupy some questions! I’m always glad to assist and relieve you out!

**And lastly …**
If you appreciate this product, please recommend! Your support and appreciation means a lot to me.
Thanks bunches in advance! 🙂

Download The Elegant Mock-Up Scene Creator