The Calla Bundle (with bonus PDS)

Welcome to the Calla bundle!

exercise these **handsome styled stock images blush items and a calla lily plant** to add a professional gawk to your Instagram, website or blog or to display your design like a pro. This bundle contains **7 images** (all are 300 DPI) and a **bonus .PSD mockup**.

These images were created with you in mind – to **get your brand or social media presence easier**. The images **download instantly** and you are ready to recede and to exercise them, which saves you time. exercise the images **on your blog as a header image, on Instagram or as a blog post cover for Pinterest**.

You can **apply your own filters** to the images or **add your own text** with a photo editor. get them your own to match your style, repeat your memoir with them to attract the just customers.

Please consider that the **sharing of files is strictly prohibited**. Files may NOT be resold or posted in digital form, as a free download, or as a printed piece. Every item is **created with cherish and hard work** — thank you for respecting these terms.

**Buy now** if your are a social media manager, ladyboss, femtrepreneur, woman entrepreneur!

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