The Basics Web UI Kit

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We always arrive back to our UI roots, and today is the day! We’re gratified to bring our novel UI Kit featuring over 70 website templates crafted with sick passions and attention to details. We called it The Basics because we believe it deserves a prominent site in your toolbox to refer to and find the perfect block to start your next design project with.

**Hero Blocks**

What can be more critical, since it’s the first thing people see visiting your website! That’s why we place so much time and efforts into designing these blocks. Choose over 20 professionally-crafted hero templates to build a foundation for your whole landing page or a website.

**Content Blocks**

Beautiаully-made content blocks will assure ultimate freedom to storm minds and hearts with your fantastic features and items. Over 50 easy customizable templates to choose from will save your time for many projects

– Minimalistic design
– Neatly organized files
– Bootstrap grid
– Free fonts and images

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