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The Artisan Collection

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The Artisan Collection

**The Artisan Collection**

** current update now includes Photoshop Logo Templates as well as Illustrator Templates **

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**This is essentially 6 brand current products being released together instead of separately.**

**11 Fonts, 16 Premium Logo Templates, 20 Vintage Shapes**

After months of planning and execution, The Artisan Collection is available for sale. The Artisan Collection was created with careful consideration for usability and versatility. I wanted to create multiple type families that could work together seamlessly.

So what does the Artisan Collection Include?

– **Barley Script** – A script typeface with lots of alternate swashy characters. (Clean, Textured)
– ** Holtzman** – A condensed Small Caps font. (Clean, Rounded, Textured)
– **Heinberg** – A sans serif typeface. (Clean, Rounded, Textured)
– **Trade Supply** – A serif typeface with Condensed Capital Letters. (Clean, Rounded, Textured)

*All typefaces include Western Characters and reach in OTF format.*

*Each typeface has a Textured Version, saving you 1 step. The texture is consistent across the board on each typeface allowing them to pair very well with eachother.*

**Logo Templates** – For Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop!

I was going to stay there, but I decided to create 16 Logo Templates as well. This is distinguished for understanding how the typefaces were intended to be used with each other.

**Vintage Shapes**

& to top it off, I created a file dedicated to Vintage Badge Shapes, giving you more options for the Logo templates or just for general exercise.

(Ai & EPS)

**Note:** All vintage scanned illustrations are from the shop Unember on Creative Market. Check out his shop:

Thank you!

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