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The Affinity Artists Brush Anthology

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The Affinity Artists Brush Anthology

**It’s finally here – The Affinity Artist’s Brush Anthology!**

Now you can collect your hands on 12 of Affinity Designer’s best and most accepted brush sets for a drop-down price and arm yourself with a multi-purpose, comprehensive artist’s tool kit.

To buy the products individually would cost $203 so, **BUY THEM HERE AND SAVE $133! (65%)**


More brushes will be added to the bundle and buyers will collect these at no additional cost, but the price will increase for unusual buyers. So, the earlier you buy the pack, the more brushes you’ll collect for free.

**SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY – You will need Affinity Designer to consume this product.**

**The wonderful value bundle includes the following useful and innovative brush packs:**

**Fine Liner – Affinity Brushes** –

Hand-made stipple and outline brushes plus textures.

**Finest Vintage – Affinity Brushes** –

Authentic hatch and cross-hatch brushes sourced from real vintage material.

**Perfect Pencils – Brush Pack** –

Graded graphite pencil brushes with super-realistic texture.

**Tattoo Art – Affinity Brushes** –

Create authentic looking Jerry Sailor style art with these awesome ink brushes.

**Chunky Markers Brushes** –

Marker pen brushes that capture the smear and swipe of the real thing!

**Spray Paint Brushes** –

Create your own street art using these authentically sourced spray paint brushes.

**Classic Chalk – Brushes** –

A massive selection of real chalk made digital – with incredible texture.

**The Affinity Airbrush** –

Add organic texture shading to designs and illustrations with ease!

**The Affinity Ink Well | Brushes** –

The most comprehensive ink brush library available for Affinity Designer!

**Neon Affinity Brushes** –

Create eye-catching neon art with brushes sourced from real fluorescent tubing!

**Outstanding Oil Paint Brushes** –

Game-changing, super-realistic oil paint brushes!

**The Master Engraver-Affinity Brushes** –

Perfect for creating your very own vintage engraving and etched designs.

Check out the individual products for more details and to see examples of the kind of awesome artwork you could soon be creating using these authentic real-media tools.

**So,what are you waiting for grab this complete artist’s tool kit today!**

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Download The Affinity Artists Brush Anthology

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