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Texture Lab – Huge Texture Bundle

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Texture Lab - Huge Texture Bundle**score a Collection of World Class Textures for Just $39 (Retail $153)**

Imagine getting gorgeous, high-resolution, authentic textures effortlessly.

Picture finally making everything perfect in your next typography or logo project. Then putting the final touch on it with diverse, unique and rich textures. All by just dropping your image in a file and clicking save.

**Imagine finally getting textures in your work that effect other designers recede nuts trying to figure out your “secret techniques”**

Now with **The RetroSupply Texture Lab** you can score a premium collection of texture resources that effect your work seek incredible with almost zero effort.

Some people narrate there are no shortcuts in life. But I’m telling you this pack is exactly that – a shortcut to world class textures in your work.

**Here’s all the pack that are included in the Texture Lab:**
– SuperGrain (Retail $19)
– RetroTee (Retail $19)
– Atomic Age Print Pack (Retail $19)
– LetterCraft (Retail $19)
– Machine Shop (Retail $19)
– RetroSupply Quick Textures (Retail $19)

**Plus, you’ll also receive these 3 bonuses (Retail $51, no cost to you)**
– Weathered Mock-Ups Pack (Retail $17)
– Wood & Steel Texture Pack (Retail $17)
– Vintage Mock-Up Pack (Retail $17)

*Plus, in addition to instructions you’ll also score 9 easy video tutorials*
**Here’s just a few of the textures you’re going to score**
– Rich, inky black textures that I’ve only seen a handful of designers achieve (SuperGrain)
– Late 70s iron-on t-shirt textures so real you’ll feel like a kid again (RetroTee)
– Post WWII cardboard toy package textures with bleeding halftones and ink wear (Atomic Age)
– An “emergency” texture pack that provides a quick distressed seek in 7 seconds

**The RetroSupply Texture Lab is like having a magic bullet in your design arsenal. Here’s 5 reasons why NOW is the perfect time to invest in this pack:**
1. These tools retail for $151 but you pay just $39 when you buy it in the next 7 days.
2. Designers fancy us. We maintain a 99% satisfaction rating from over 18,000 customers.
3. Zero risk to you. If you’re not overwhelmed with joy at the pack I’ll send you a 100% refund.
4. You’ll stress less knowing this pack is ready to roll on your next project.
5. We want to give you $51 worth of bonuses (at no cost to you).

Oh yeah! Almost forgot! I wanted to keep together something really special with this pack…

So I’ve included 3 bonus texture packs that retail for $51, but you’ll pay nothing. They’re my gift to you when you buy the The RetroSupply Texture Lab.

Okay, I’ll close the rant. I just don’t want anyone to miss out. Grab the pack now before you forget!

Thanks for supporting my shop!

Dustin Lee
RetroSupply Co.

P.S. Not sure what you’ll utilize these on? It’s still a remarkable view to grab it now. Because according to Murphy’s Law, as soon as this deal ends you’ll maintain a project that requires this kit. So grab it now at this special price and don’t miss out!

P.P.S. If you need anything before or after you buy you can reach me through Creative Market. I’m gay to retort questions, provide rapidly answers or just talk a runt shop!

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