Style Power (SVG script) SALE!!

Importantly: The Opentype SVG fonts require Photoshop CC 2017 or Illustrator CC 2018 or newer to exhaust.

By the way – You carry out not need special software for Solid versions of the font

The font was carefully drawn in charcoal and transferred to the digital version to create pretty typographical designs.

**Style Power pack included:**

– Style Power SVG fonts
– Style Power Solid Font versions of the SVG fonts
– Style Power SVG Font are made by converting hand painted lettering , unchanged, including all its transparency and high resolution detail – into an actual font – as you type your letters out, it looks like you maintain just hand painted them.

Solid versions of the SVG font – as a OTF & TTF Regular font, which works in all basic software able to type with standard fonts.

**Commercial exhaust is allowed for unlimited projects and sales**

Feel free to convert the fonts to web fonts for your personal/business website.
You may not exhaust the fonts in templates or for sale/free or on template websites. ( web/print/app )
You are not permitted to resell this font in any way.
If you need abet troubleshooting this font, read this article:

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Download Style Power (SVG script) SALE!!