Stardust Universe Background Kit

**Our Stardust Background Kit comes with 15 Completely Unique Mouse-Crafted Backgrounds and 11 BONUS Photoshop Brushes!!**

We’ve created a novel twist on our celebrated colorful space backgrounds… this one infused with a itsy-bitsy extra sparkle & magic!

Each background was created using bold colors, star clusters, blurred glitter and images of the universe.

Ideal for a quick & glowing branding treatment or for products you sell – cell phone cases, water bottles, flyers, business cards, brochures, websites, flyers… you name it! It comes complete with the most up-to-date color palette and options.

Stardust Photoshop Brushes included for you to collect creative in your own way – Paint some magic in your photos or create your own backgrounds!

**Stardust Background Kit Includes:**

– Completely Unique
– 15 Super Hi-Res Colorful Backgrounds (4000 x 3000px)
– **BONUS** – 11 HUGE Star-Studded PS Brushes (1200-4000px wide)
– JPG Backgrounds & ABR Brushes
– Brushes for Photoshop CS6+
– JPG Backgrounds can be used with Photoshop Essentials, Canva, PicMonkey, Over, Instagram & More!

Feel free to reach out if you maintain any questions! [email protected]

Download Stardust Universe Background Kit

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