Starcrossed – Starry Design Set

Ever since I was very microscopic I had a grand passion and attraction towards the stars and the late summer nights, when you can just lay down in the grass and contemplate the night sky. Recently I had been very inspired by the Ultraviolet theme and I acquire to admit that Pantone’s microscopic video of the fresh colour of the year presentation, opened up a fresh fountain of inspiration.

Starcrossed is a Starry Night Creator that has a very minimal yet romantic touch and lots of complementary graphics.
Inside you find all you need to create your very own magical night sky with delicate silhouettes.
The perfect wedding theme, for those more poetic at heart, also perfect for creating attractive wall art, personalised gifts ( for each zodiac sign ) . Letting the imagination hurry wild is the only thing necessary to create improbable pieces of design!

Inside you will find:
– Alphabet A-Z in PSD and png formats ( fully customisable )
– 12 constellation designs for each zodiac sign in png format
– 18 sky backgrounds
– 6 hand designs
– 8 tree and treeline silhouettes
– 5 star designs to overlay on the backgrounds in png format
– 6 fauna drawings and silhouettes
– 18 floral elements in monochrome
– 6 floral frame designs
– 4 wreaths
– 5 moon phases

Most of the elements as you can see near in black colour except the constellations and the stars.
You can change the colour of the elements very easy in photoshop in two ways:
1. open the elements—–proceed to select —– load selection —- pick up any solid brush and paint over the selection with the desired colour .
2. open the elements —- double click on the it on the layers panel and select the colour overlay option. Hit ok.

In order to the the white elements glance colorful on the watercolor backgrounds as you see in my examples, you will need to change the colour mode of the element to overlay and then duplicate it 3 or 4 times until you reach the desired luminescence.

For best results, try to lower a bit the opacity of the silhouettes to around 70-75%

Hoping you will regain to create awesome night sceneries with this Ultraviolet inspired collection and hope it will inspire you as much as it inspired me!


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