Spray Art Painter’s Toolkit

After years and months of hesitation we’ve finally purchased tons of aerosol paints to create this **huge, multipurpose, vibrant artistic toolkit** — and should admit, it was so much fun to work on it! We’ve packed all the items you may need daily and dream to absorb at hand anytime — **lettering, shapes, patterns, splashes and even poster templates**!

About **170 elements** are fully imbued with the fun we’ve had while inventing, painting, cutting out and digitizing them, and the result is just awesome. T-shirts, stationery, posters & banners, cards & stickers — any product you intend to craft and any diagram you’re to bring to life will shine brighter once you’ve added one of these cuties!

– English Alphabet (27 objects) — PNG (5000×5000 px);
– Spray Splash (15 objects) — PNG (5000×5000 px), ABR (1500px);
– Shapes (96 objects) — PNG (5000×5000 px), ABR (1500px);
– Patterns( 24 objects) — PNG, PSD (2000×2000 px);
– Posters Templates (3 objects) – PSD; A3; 300 dpi; fully editable colors, objects and text.
– Numerals (10 objects) – PNG (5000×5000 px)

**significant:** once the purchase is done, you secure not an archive but a PDF file with a Dropbox download link.

Download Spray Art Painter’s Toolkit

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