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SpaceRanger – Brush & Tutorial Kit


**Create authentic mid-century inspired illustrations (and more) using this set of professional-grade Photoshop brushes and tutorial 3-pack by Brad Woodard of dauntless the Woods**

One of the things I appreciate about owning RetroSupply Co. is I earn to work with some of the most talented illustrators in the world. Brad Woodard definitely falls into that category.

Over a call one morning, Brad and I had the concept to create a pack of brushes and tutorials that would wait on illustrator capture that classic historical illustration style you see so often in children’s books.

SpaceRanger Professional-Grade Photoshop Brush Kit & Tutorial Kit is the fruits of dozens of hours making a pack illustrators would appreciate.

**Here’s what’s included in the SpaceRanger Pack:**

– 20 super-realistic Photoshop Brush Presets (AKA crazy powerful Photoshop brushes)
– Includes brushes for sketching, shading, form building and adding subtle print textures to your work
– 3 step-by-step tutorials by best-selling online teacher Brad Woodard (over 33,000 students served)
– Tutorials include: Setting the Scene, Adding Line Work, and Adding Dimension
– Watch the videos online or download them and watch ’em anywhere
– Easy 30 second Photoshop Brush Preset installation instructions
– SpaceRanger Brush Quick Reference Sheet (so you can see what each brush looks like without
trying every single one in the middle of a project)
– SpaceRanger Photoshop File (so you can inspect each layer and earn an even deeper understanding
of how to create these types of illustrations)

If you’re an illustrator I’m willing to bet you appreciate illustration work from the ’50s and ’60s.

There’s something about that faded school creative process. Sketching with real pencils, building up dry brush work, using masking fluid to protect ares, and adding text by taping on real printed text.

It added soul and character to the work.

**But technology has made it REALLY hard to bring hand crafted elements into your illustrations.**

Programs like Photoshop and Illustrator save us a ton of time. But they also create it REALLY hard to capture the contemplate of hand drawn illustrations.

Now, in order to achieve those effects you need to hack together a bunch of different tools. Scan work in, vectorize it in Illustrator with the pen tool, bring it into Photoshop.

Then hopefully if you’ve found some excellent tricks in Photoshop tutorials online (and some decent brushes) you can pull it off.

**There had to be a better way…**

My friend Brad Woodard and I thought this was entirely too difficult. So we decided to create a set of world-class Photoshop brushes AND the tutorials to proceed with it.

We started by building a library of inspiration work on Pinterest.

Then working together on Skype from Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas we riffed back and fourth. Building brushes, testing brushing on real artwork, refining brushes, and throwing away a TON of brushes that didn’t create the slice.

It took us nearly six weeks… But we finally made a set of brushes and an accompanying course.

**stammer hello to the SpaceRanger Brush and Tutorial Pack**

This pack is the first in a series of “dream brush” packs that Brad and I are making together.

Each one explores a different style of mid-century illustration work. This first pack is all about illustrations that spend pencils and dry brushes.

**Want to see a video demo? Watch it here:**

**All of This for a Fraction of the Price of a Community College Class**

If you were to choose a class and earn supplies to learn this kind of stuff at a real school (even an affordable community college) you’d be set back over $100. And that’s low-balling it.

But with the SpaceRanger Brush and Tutorial pack you acquire some incredible tools and skills for about the price of a choose-and-bake pizza. Plus, you don’t acquire to drive across town for 12 weeks taking the classes.

The only way we could create this easier is if you could download the knowledge into your head (and that technology simply doesn’t exist yet)

**Check out Brad Woodards work at:**

**Check out his latest children’s book Oh No, Astro! at:**

Download SpaceRanger | Brush & Tutorial Kit

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