Silver Creamy Blogger presets

**Silver Creamy, Argento blogger presets. A set of 6 Presets for Lightroom Desktop, Mobile and Photoshop**

**PRESET DESCRIPTION:** Silver grey Lightroom Preset inspired by accepted Instagram Bloggers will give your photo a creamy pale stare, keeping the color of the skin so natural! Perfect to create silver white and creamy themes, but also excellent on photos full of colors. It works distinguished even on shadowy and tanned skin. 6 gradations that will allow you to filter many indoor and outdoor situations.

If you’re looking for Instagram aesthetic, this is the perfect tool to consume with Lightroom to streamline your feed to gain a professional, consistent page. These presets will give your images a modern, trendy, Instagram inspired stare. With one click these will product results similar to those picture in the listings images.

►► If you absorb grief with editing I achieve offer fabulous customer service and support to aid you install/consume your products to the best of their ability. I’m very sorry for the feedbacks of people not understanding how to consume the presets and never contacetd me for aid.


– 6 Unique Presets
– Lightroom Phone Presets **original!**
– Photoshop .xmp Presets **original!**
– Works without Adobe Creative Cloud subscription
– Made for Lightroom + Photoshop
– Tested on 100+ real-life photos
– Installation Guide PDF, video instructions
– Easy Mobile Installation process original!
– Tested on photos of iPhone, Huawei, DSLR, Mirrorless, DJI Mavic, GoPro
– Total of 12 presets – 4 Lightroom, 4 Photoshop, 4 Lightroom Phone App

– Fully Compatible with Lightroom 4 and Both CC Versions
– Compatible with JPG; Raw Images
– Adobe Photoshop are compatible with Photoshop CC, Photoshop CC2014, Photoshop CC2015 , Photoshop CC2017 and Photoshop CC2018 versions ONLY.

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Our best Lightroom presets up until today! depart beyond the Instagram & VSCO filters & gain a unique stare at your feed/website.

►► recall a stare to all the presets in my shop:

**Quick notes:**

——- ——- ——-

1. All of my presets absorb been tested on a variety of images and they are very versatile. As a photographer myself and digital post-producer for pro photographers with over 15 year of experience I consume these tools to speed up the workflow, and give to images a creative and arty edge.

2. In most cases these presets are one-click magic 😉 but please remember that all presets work differently on every image and because every image is different (shot in different light etc) you willl likely need to tweak the edit after the preset is applied.
Presets are meant to be a base to work off of, it’s normal to earn adjustments after applying a preset.

3. All the photos used for illustrative purpose only. © to their respective owners.
——- ——- ——-

TERM OF consume:
Feel free to consume the presets on photos you’re making money for but you’re not allowed to share or resell my presets (as is or with adjustments).1

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