"Showroom" Frames Mockups

**present your artworks in our huge showroom ‒ an ultimate and most comprehensive frames mockups set! 14k total combinations in 33 locations with 10 most celebrated frame sizes means it’s probably the last frames mockups bundle you’ll ever need.**

Watch our 1.5-minute intro here: https://vimeo.com/156152359

**What can you find inside?**
– 10 most common artwork sizes (16×24, 12×18, A3, 11×14, A4, 11×11, 8.5×11, 8×10, A5, 5×7)
– 4 different frame styles: thin, bold, decorated and convex + frameless canvas
– 10 different frame textures for each frame style: light wood, grey wood, unlit wood, white, black, gold, light blue wood, concave wood, marble and distorted brown wood (and a mat colour is editable via one click!)
– 33 outstanding locations (you can find horizontal as well as vertical ones there): https://creativemarket.com/friskweb/546219-Showroom-Frames-Mockups-Bundle/screenshots/#screenshot3 and https://creativemarket.com/friskweb/546219-Showroom-Frames-Mockups-Bundle/screenshots/#screenshot4

See out tutorial – https://vimeo.com/156418185

For your convenience we do a pack of .jpg previews combining each location, style and texture of the frames. Thanks to proper file names you can choose your favorite one in seconds!

And a **BONUS**! You can combine all available frame styles and create absolutely unique frames for your artworks. For more details, see this screenshot: https://creativemarket.com/friskweb/546219-Showroom-Frames-Mockups-Bundle/screenshots/#screenshot8

**Instant link to download**

This file contains ~14k frame variations so it’s huge in size (16GB). Because Creative Market doesn’t allow to upload such broad files, you can find a links to this entire collection or smaller sizes archives inside your .zip file after purchase.

*All images used in previews are not included inside and are copyright of their respectfully owners & used only for preview purposes.*

*It’s a co-op. product with Madebyvadim shop. You can purchase this one in his shop also: http://crtv.mk/u4ep*

**relish and if you like it, please recommend it :)**

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