"Showroom" Frames Horizontal Mockups

**explain your artworks in our huge showroom ‒ an ultimate and most comprehensive frames horizontal mockups set! 6k total combinations in 15 locations with 10 most approved frame sizes means it’s probably the last frames mockups bundle you’ll ever need.**

Watch our 1.5-minute intro for entire collection here: https://vimeo.com/156152359

**This horizontal collection is a fragment of larger “Showroom” product**

*”Showroom” Frames Horizontal Mockups* is a fragment of larger *”Showroom”* product available here: http://crtv.mk/c0Rte In this fragment you can find the files with horizontal orientation only (but still vertical frames) ― perfect for hero/header banners, social media, showcase-based platforms etc.

**What can you find inside?**
– 10 most common artwork sizes (16×24, 12×18, A3, 11×14, A4, 11×11, 8.5×11, 8×10, A5, 5×7)
– 4 different frame styles: thin, bold, decorated and convex + frameless canvas
– 10 different frame textures for each frame style: light wood, grey wood, dim wood, white, black, gold, light blue wood, concave wood, marble and distorted brown wood (and a mat colour is editable via one click!)
– 15 outstanding locations (horizontal only): https://creativemarket.com/friskweb/571017-Showroom-Frames-Horizontal-Mockups/screenshots/#screenshot2

See out tutorial – https://vimeo.com/156418185

For your convenience we save a pack of .jpg previews combining each location, style and texture of the frames. Thanks to proper file names you can choose your favorite one in seconds!

And a **BONUS**! You can combine all available frame styles and create absolutely unique frames for your artworks. For more details, see this screenshot: https://creativemarket.com/friskweb/571017-Showroom-Frames-Horizontal-Mockups/screenshots/#screenshot6

**Instant link to download**

This file contains ~6k frame variations so it’s huge in size (6GB). Because Creative Market doesn’t allow to upload such vast files, you can find a links to this collection inside your .zip file after purchase.

*All images used in previews are not included inside and are copyright of their respectfully owners & used only for preview purposes.*

*It’s a co-op. product with Madebyvadim shop. You can purchase entire “Showroom” collection in his shop also: http://crtv.mk/u4ep*

**bask in and if you like it, please recommend it :)**

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