Shoelace Scrawl, a handwriting font

Intro price of only $10! train hello to Shoelace Scrawl.

I’m so ecstatic to prove you my current font! Shoelace Scrawl is a casual handwriting font. It has lots of fun extras, smooth lines, and a set of playful doodles.

– Upper case alternate alphabet – with a more uniform height
– Alternate lowercase letters without exit strokes, for a more natural halt to words. They can also be used mid word just for fun.
– Alternate lowercase t’s with long crossbars.
– Double letter ligatures!
– Multilingual support for Western European languages – test for your characters below!
– a set of doodles to accent your designs – in AI (CC), EPS (Ai 10), PNG, and SVG.
– OTF (exercise OpenType to hold advantage of alternates & ligatures), TTF, and web fonts!

Download Shoelace Scrawl, a handwriting font

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