Shadow Generator for Flatlays

**Overlay shadows hot trend available with just one click of your mouse! Just effect your object on the flatlay scene, start generator action and net instant, super realistic results! It takes seconds. Literally.**

Finally ― **spend your very own shadows, not premades you can find anywhere else!** No limits except your imagination. Gazillions of combinations!

**― Live demos:**
– with sample carve-out image:
– with sample custom flat shape:
– with sample vector:

**― 8 most exciting features:**

1. **Shape of your choice!** – spend any shape you want to compose them shadows (and you don’t need high-res items),
2. **Photo items are not necessary** – you don’t contain to spend photo items – shapes will also work! And work perfectly!
3. **Few kinds of shadows generated available** – there are three types of shadows generated to choose from (from light and blurry to murky and blurry less),
4. **Editable & adjustable** – you can still adjust the shadow parameters when it’s done already (and still poke/rotate them!),
5. **Works for any size** – no matter what size of Photoshop canvas you contain,
6. **Bonus Shadows Included!** – 10 premade shadows included – ready to effect on your mockups,
7. **Tutorial included** – simple tutorial included (but we’re more than sure you can handle it even without tuts!),
8. **Resource guide included** – a resource guide where to find considerable objects to compose shadows from.

**― What’s included in your download?**

– ✔ 3 Photoshop actions (.atn files) – light, middle and hard version of the shadow generator,
– ✔ 10 premade shadows (1800x1274px, 150 dpi, .png) to spend with your photos/mockups,
– ✔ 4-page tutorial (.pdf),
– ✔ handy sheet with resources guide for considerable shadow elements (.pdf),

Please note that the generator works **only in Photoshop, for flatlay images** (because for perspective scenes you need different angle).

*Images/mockups **are not** included inside. Generator works as Photoshop Action (.atn file). Adobe Photoshop CS3+ required.*

*Questions? We’re here to benefit! Just drop us a private message or comment below.*

Download Shadow Generator for Flatlays