Shader Brushes for Procreate

Keeping up with **Procreate** conquering the graphic design world, our team couldn’t afford to stay out of it. It’s all because of infinite ease the iPad Procreate provides you with: it’s a smooth workflow you can’t stay engaging yourself in. No more babbling about Procreate, let us indicate you our brand **recent version of Memento Shader Brushes**!

The well-known set of **35 brushes** and **12 textures** now in a recent Procreate format! As our nice exiguous tradition, we’ve added a recent tool in this very exclusive edition — the scatter brush! Guess we may disclose for sure that from now on you’re completely packed with all possible brush set variants. Now you can fade on creating illustrations for posters, flyers, commercials, branding projects, and stationery without any design app restraints!

**What’s inside?**
– 7 scatter brushes;
– 7 noise brushes;
– 7 hatch brushes;
– 7 pressure brushes;
– 7 shadow brushes;
– 12 textures;
– assist file.

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