Seasonal Gift Pack

I know we are all preparing for the fresh season and because I was looking for a way to snarl thank you to all of your for your support, I thought I should obtain available a itsy-bitsy gift pack that contains two fresh collections relevant to tumble and winter : Evergreen & Haute Concept. Each of this collections is prices at over 20$ but by purchasing this seasonal gift pack you will receive both of them for just the fraction of the price of one. Pretty awesome way to start making and creating with these handsome graphics!


EVERGREEN – wintertide collection:

Evergreen is a classical/rustic celebration pack made with the pine and spruce scent as inspiration. It features a mighty variety of elements for creating dreamy winter landscapes with everything you need, from backgrounds to snow overlays.

What it contains?

A gold design alphabet letters A-Z and Ampersand in PNG format
14 wreaths and arrangements in different shapes and forms in PNG format
31 watercolor background and already made scenes for you to devour the facility of creating fabulous designs in seconds. jpeg format
3 page drop designs png format
49 individual elements from plants to cabins and animals png format
10 elements covered in snow png format
5 frames designs in shadowy and light background png format
3 golden snow flake designs
5 moon designs with landscapes inside them png format
5 snow overlays png format
Simply lay down your background and preserve adding elements and overlays until you are gratified with the result! This pack yields such a mighty variety of possibilities.

Fonts I used are “Baskerville” and “MoonFrost” I’ve also used these photoshop brushes to create snow, and paint it on top of parts of my elements or landscapes, in case you need it as well, I suggest you buy this set:


HAUTE CONCEPT – tumble/winter collection:

As the preparations for the tumble/winter seasons begun, I started to assume and feel fresh colour palettes. This one came to life out of a total mistake. I am in adore with the handsome rusty hues that evoke tumble, but I wanted something a bit different, thats how the pop of indigo managed to obtain it in the colour scheme a long with mustard, mopish blue-gray, dusty pink and charcoal.

Haute Concept is a modern yet classic concept that I wanted to propose for the coming seasons featuring the customisable stamp designs that will add an extra bit of elegance and uniqueness to either card designs, posters or branding. My conception was to exercise the stamps to add the extra itsy-bitsy information you would need to add for example to a logo without the logo becoming too “wordy”.

All stamp designs near in PSD files and also in blank png so that you can edit them with your own information in any program.

They pair beautifully with line art illustrations as you can see in the product images.

This collection contains:

alphabet a-z
38 premade designs and arrangements
23 papers and backgrounds
75 hand drawn elements – forest animals, botanic illustrations, hand designs, planets, cabins and mountains, trees etc.
6 frame designs with florals
7 premade hand compositions
4 jar compositions including the Wish Jar for DIY Wish Jars with wishes for the fresh year to near
5 moon phases
7 premade logos with PSD files
4 rounded shapes a must for botanical designs
2 snow flake designs
7 stamp designs with PSD
4 stars overlays to add extra texture to your designs
All files near in either PNG, JPEG and PSD

If you absorb any questions please let me know!


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