Scene Creators Bundle

Ultimate Scene Creator Bundle with 2 different views + Extended license. Create unique scenes with 2550 item available in 8150 positions. From flat lay to stationery mock up. From desk scene to app showcase. Be a creator. Let your imagination be and create with no limit just in minutes. If you need to find started even faster, select a scene among 80.

– **Scene Creator [Top View]** . $49 . 1750 items . 80 scenes:
– **Scene Creator [Front View]** . $39 . 800 items . 30 scenes:

**Next update coming soon**

– 2550+ items in 8150 position
– 31 Walls and floors in 7000×7000 and 7000×5000 px, many of them are customizable
– 80 scenes from 7000×5000 to 3000×1800 px
– Hundreds of original items added regularly
– Items in multiple positions and levels: 8150+ total positions
– PSD files for Photoshop CS4 and sooner
– Advanced customization for many items
– Editable design via smart objects for many items
– All objects and shadows are separated
– All shadows are transparent

– How to establish an item into a scene :

** distinguished
This file is over Creative Market file size limit (1 GB). The links to download the PSD files are included in the User Guide (PDF).
Total compressed file size to download is 48 GB.
This product is crafted for you. In case you need anything, please let us know!

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