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Sale! Zen – Sensorial Art

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Sale! Zen - Sensorial Art

Spring sale! 50% off ! Original price: 21$
Some moments call for a softer approach to aesthetics. Due to the troublesome period we, as humanity experience in the present, we might feel inspired to shift our attention towards more calming rather than impressive or exciting things and designs, as a unconscious effort to deal with the nowadays occurrences.

I’ve created **Zen**, as a process of my own therapy. Working with soft transitions and gradients, shapes that inspire and really warm colour palettes is been a valid delight and it place me in a state of almost trance that I wanted to share and maybe pass on to whomever feels the attraction also.

For some, this period calls for bold and daring designs, as a need to rebel and stand out in such periods of isolation and disconnection. But for me is all about self care at the moment, and really getting in touch with deeper parts of myself that I feel I hold neglected back then when everything was normal and we could fetch side tracked with so many projects and posthaste paced life.

Zen invokes exactly that: the spirit of soft care, of getting in touch with the most essential building blocks of matter which in fact is our valid origin. Our subconscious speaks in archetypes and not in moral language, it understands shapes and colours, hence why is so significant to feed it things that is familiar with in the most gentle way.

Working with these shapes and colours in design is a way of bringing this soothing effect into our life and sharing it with others, through social media, branding, card making and digital art.

Feel free to exercise these graphics however your soul needs.

*Zen contains:*

– 6 fluid gradient backgrounds each of them with 4 variations of detail from very detailed to ethereal. They advance in 5000x5000px size.
– Alphabet A-Z and ampersand – PNG
– 25 premade compositions in PNG format
– 75 DIY elements in PNG format.

Really hoping you will delight in this collection, as much as I did creating it!


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