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The Vector Brush Toolbox

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**Every Brush You’ll Ever Need to Create powerful Looking Historically Inspired Illustrations in Illustrator**

*The Vector Brush Toolbox is the ultimate brush kit for illustrators. A collection of six of our best-selling Illustrator brush packs, this bundle includes every brush you’ll ever need for vector-based drawing. (And it’s about $60 cheaper than buying each pack individually.)*

Here’s what you procure:

– **200 best-selling vector brushes**, including sponge and ink splatter brushes, halftone, pencil, charcoal, watercolor and more.
– **Made from real source material** including stale pencils, inking pens, watercolor brushes, historical sampled halftones, and more.
– **Based on historical references** including mid-century catalogs, children’s books, and magazine ads.
– **Reference sheets for each product** designed to gain it faster and easier to utilize your brushes.
– **Product video tours** that present you step-by-step how to procure the most from each pack.
– **Compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS6 and above.**



**VectorFuzz: brush and sponge textures ($19)**

32 vector sponge and ink scatter brushes – crafted from real acrylic and ink textures – that gain it easy to recreate the textures of mid-century children’s books.

**VectorHero: Ink Brushes ($19)**

40 ink pen brushes that let you quickly achieve the same kind of warm, realistic strokes illustrators used in mid-century commercial illustration work.

**VectorSketch: Charcoal Pencils ($19)**

40 deluxe pencil and charcoal brushes to achieve the impossible: realistic pencil strokes in Illustrator.

**VectorTone: Pattern Brushes ($19)**

35 halftone and line textures created from a $200 ’50s army surplus catalog. Easy to utilize: just grab the Blob brush, and paint halftones and lines like magic!

**Drygoods: Chalk Brushes ($19)**

23 ultra-realistic chalk brushes, inspired by chalkboard art and sandwich board signs from the ’30s.

**InkWash: Ink and Watercolor Brushes ($19)**

30 ink and water brushes that gain it easy to add a wash of color and shading to your work with just the swipe of your mouse.


Each pack in The Vector Brush Toolbox was made from authentic historical material (or the closest analog references we could find).

Whenever possible, we sample our brushes from mid-century catalogs, advertisements, posters and other material. We acquire this material from places like eBay, antique stores, estate sales and swap meets.

We combine and tweak each piece of the product so it’s not an exact replica, of course, out of respect for the powerful commercial artists of the past.

**We savor the smell of stale comic books**

Is it necessary to gain everything from historical material?

Honestly, no. In fact, many shop owners create products by finding source material online or using whatever is laying around their house.

There’s nothing erroneous with doing that. If it looks obedient, it looks obedient.

But I’ve always been bothered when I know deep inside that it’s not made from the real stuff. That’s why I like to buy historical material.

**We also savor to gain stuff by hand… without a computer**

Often the best way to recreate these stale effects is to gain them ourselves. In many cases we purchase material, painstakingly recreate retro work and then sample the work we created.

For example, InkWash is a throwback to the ink washes that illustrators would utilize to add shading to their work. For this pack, we studied the original uses of ink washes in ads and articles from stale science magazines.

Then we purchased India ink, brushes and heavy illustration paper. By tweaking our ink and water proportions, brush strokes and how loaded the brush was, we created hundreds of samples.

Finally, we picked the best samples to convert into brushes.

Grab this pack now for $59 and rest easy knowing you contain every brush you’ll ever need for vector drawing.


Want more info? For a closer survey inside some of the best-selling brush packs in the Vector Brush Toolbox, capture a survey at the videos at the link below.

I would host them on Creative Market but the software we utilize doesn’t allow us to embed them here.



*”I spent several hours yesterday fooling around with these brushes; they’re all highly useful, intelligently and carefully built, and are presented in an extremely attractive fashion. Definitely getting a dwelling of honor in my work toolkit. Excellent job!”*

**Eric T. **

*”Pencils from 60 years ago, and they were worth the wait! I savor these things. I’ve only had them a few days and I can already see how they are shaping a unique direction i’ve been pushing my illustrations. Thanks for the missing piece, I’m in savor!”*

**Bryant C.**

*”These charcoal brushes rule the universe! I’ve purchased a few items from retro supply and contain dug them all. The vector sketch brushes are exactly what I’ve been looking for. A large variety of natural smokey greatness! “*

**Hound H.**

*”Really frosty set of tools/styles for some of the work I’ve been doing recently, that capture a lot of effort out of achieving that vintage survey. Really recommended, especially for the price.”*

**Simon B.**

*”I cannot believe how easy and quick this pack makes my work. No longer am I using clipping mask for quick stuff I can just utilize the vector tone with the blob brush for..”*

**John M.**

*”VectorTone is indeed my favorite. Once again you did not disappoint. It’s not only easy but addictive. You contain my creative juices flowing. I survey forward to your next Illustrator Masterpiece! Thanks for delivering brilliance time after time. Your work does not proceed unnoticed.”*

**Gracie A.**

*”When it comes to applying retro effects to your design work, there are lots of powerful tools for Photoshop (many from RetroSupply Co btw)… But not too many choices for Illustrator. That is, until NOW. VectorTone is a powerful addition to any designer’s toolbox, Its halftones, line effects, frosty vintage patterns, and mezzotint fills – not to mention the super handy vectorizer action – will gain your work shine and save you hours of extra work. Simply fantastic.”*

**Mary P.**

*”These effects and textures are meticulously developed to gain life easier and better on the execution halt of design projects…so thankful someone (RetroSupply) has taken the time to enact it suitable!”*

**Jeff D.**

*”I’m always looking for ways to procure more emotion & organicness to my digital design work. These brushes are awesome. I contain many projects with which I’m using them on. Thanks Retrosupply! preserve the powerful products coming!”*

**Todd G.**

*”It’s like when Radiohead got a bunch of keyboards. Like when Brad Holland rediscovered pen and ink. unique tools ignite your ideas. These textures are so much fun to play with. They allow your ideas to proceed back in time and simultaneously forward in time.”*

**Adam F.**

*”Just what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been wanting and needing brushes just like this for years and haven’t been able to find them. This will save me SO much time for my illustration work. Thank you!”*

**Alexis W.**



Buying something and not liking it is the worse. But we’ve got your back!

We’re sure you’ll savor The Vector Brush Toolbox (we wouldn’t release it unless we thought it was awesome).

But if for any reason you’re not tickled, just let us know. **We’ll give you a 100% money back refund and you can preserve the pack. No hard feelings. No third degree.*

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