Rowan Berries photo overlays


– creative drop photo overlays – super for minis, portraits, fashion photos, etc.
– much for your autumnal pictures – obtain glorious atmosphere
– ***work in any editing software that allows using layers***
– achieve original results just in few seconds

– 35 different rowan photo overlays
– PNG files with transparent background
– shooting through the rowan berries effect (blurred foreground)
– suitable for photos up to 5000 x 3500px and smaller
– you can play with size, position, blur, etc.
– 300 dpi – high resolution, much for prints
– super easy to exercise

Rowan Berries photo overlays work in any editing software that allows using layers (Photoshop CS & CC, Photoshop Elements, Zoner, Gimp, PicMonkey & etc.)

**VERY EASY TO exercise:**

1. just plot overlay over your photo and set size & position properly
2. if needed – exercise eraser (or layer mask and soft black brush) to clean for example facial parts etc.
3. if you need more intense effect – you can play with Brightness/Contrast mask
4. if you need to change color of berries and green leaves, you can play with Hue/Saturation mask
5. merge layers and that’s it! So simple.

***You can mix & match the overlays to achieve unique result.***

– *Colorful drop*
– *Warm drop*
– *Maple Groove*

You will need basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (or any other editing software) to obtain changes in templates.

Download Rowan Berries photo overlays