Rexpansive Page Builder

**Rexpansive Builder – WordPress Plugin**

Create a unique and creative layout in total relax, thanks to expansion which lets you enlarge or straggle photos, texts and videos, without having to set anything up. As of today creating a layout is simple, you’ll realize as soon as you insert photos, videos or texts. With a straightforward expansion your layouts will be spectacular!Try here, suitable now!

**Automatic grid**

Our aim was to create a builder which was simple to exhaust and as clean as possible, as today all the builders available on the market bear too many functions and are so messy! Too many windows and numbers to enter. Thanks to this revolutionary approach, your user experience is improved by far because you can set the size of each element with the expansion and by looking at the page as a whole it’ll be much easier for you to create a nice web page quickly. We asked a dozen friends who used other page builders to test Rexpansive and they told us that with our builder they saved a lot of time to enact the same things. The secret of our product is that users don’t bear to judge about how to edit the width or height of the different elements: this process needs to be natural.

**Rexslider. hasty & Easy!**

You can create your sliders quickly placing them directly in the blocks. You will be able to seize advantage from the expansion of the Rexpansive Builder to customize the dimensions in a quick and easy way !o)

**Spectacular space for your ideas.**

As of today creating your compositions will be completely unusual, simple and enthralling. Just create the suitable spaces and distances between photos and texts to best express your creativity, without inserting numbers or codes.

**More control. More Freedom.**

You can personalize the css on each module or page so that your personalization is unlimited and you can always enact whatever you want.

**Page builder with material design. Clear and well-kept.**

A design that knows how to befriend you understand the functionality in the least time possible, because we know that your time is precious, and it is for this reason that we bear eliminated superfluous texts and descriptions from the user interface.

Everything has been replaced by icons, syles and a layout designed specifically which will befriend you understand the functionality you need to exhaust straight away, so that you don’t waste time trying to understand things you don’t need.

**One of the characteristics of Rexpansive is that using it is like playing a “game”!**

Yes, really! When you drag, enlarge or reduce elements you’ll feel like you’re playing a game, as the system will automatically drag elements to leave more space to those you want to emphasize, but you can also delight in entering and placing the different elements as you like.

**You’ll see, as soon as you start using Rexpansive it’ll be cherish at first sight and you’ll never discontinue using it!**

**Main Features**

– Easy installation
– Works with any post types
– WordPress media library support
– Woocommerce Integration
– Youtube content (Videos)
– Grid&Masonry
– MP4 content
– Order
– hasty
– Clone
– Text Fill
– Custom Code
– Vertical alignment
– Horizontal alignment
– Link on blocks
– User friendly
– Option image
– Anchor navigator
– WPML Ready
– Expansion blocks
– WooCommerce compatible
– Powerful panel
– Distances management
– Overlay blocks
– Material design
– Built-in lightbox
– Mix Contents & Styles
– Up to 12 columns
– Multiple Instances (multiple grid per page)
– Adjustable Rows/Columns/Spacings
– 100% Responsive
– Mobile Friendly
– SEO Optimized
– Free Updates & Premium Support
– Developer Friendly
– And so much more…

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