Revelation Halftones for Procreate

**48 Gritty and Distressed Halftones with Easily Adjustable Sizes**

We called this pack Revelation Halftones because we realized that changing the size of your halftones in Procreate was something that a lot of people didn’t know how to achieve.

This pack, made custom for Procreate, let’s you adjust halftone sizes with ease.

**Revelation Halftones Product Features**

– 48 gritty halftone brushes made for Procreate.
– All brushes are pressure sensitive.
– Easily adjust the halftone size in seconds (includes simple instructons).
– Download all brushes to Procreate at once.
– Includes easy-to-follow instructions and printable brush reference sheet.

**Revelation Halftones Product Benefits**

– Easily adjust the ​size of halftones (idiot proof instructions included).
– Pressure sensitive so you gain into tight spots with ease.
– Dozens of tint variations for perfect shading.
– Includes perfectly balanced smooth edged brushes and rough and gritty edged versions.

**Buy Revelation Halftones for Procreate now and gain gritty halftones you can control!**


*Procreate app (Apple pencil is recommended but not required).*

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Download Revelation Halftones for Procreate


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