RetroEffects | Classic Collection

**Nobody would explain me their secrets… so I made this.**

Retro Effects is a collection of high leverage brushes, textures, and overlays designed specifically to add small touches to your work that gain a titanic inequity.

– 66 Retro Textures made from real source material
– 60 Retro Brushes including subtle grain, subtle ink, halftones, folds and scratches
– 34 Retro Ephemera including vintage paper and retro schematics
– Instructions and brush reference sheet PDFs
– Compatible with Photoshop CS4 and above

**Here’s the long detailed list of everything you accumulate:**

– All items carefully crafted from real source materials
– Halftone Supply Kit (7 high-resolution halftone textures)
– Paper Supply (9 high-resolution authentic WWII era paper textures)
– Subtle Ink Supply Kit (5 high-resolution subtle ink textures)
– The Makery (16 high-resolution authentic experimental screenprint textures pulled at The Makery in Los Altos, California)
– The frail Hardware Store (17 high-resolution inked textures made with an frail can of paint and a bucket of brushes and rollers from a hardware store on Main street)
– The Underground Print Shop (12 high-resolution screen printed textures)
– Retro Schematics (18 high-resolution vintage schematics and diagrams)
– Paper Archaeology Pack (7 high-resolution vintage paper)
– Retro Folds Brush Set (7 high-resolution brushes to simulate aged paper folds)
– Retro Scratch Brush Set (12 high-resolution brushes to add scratches and grime to your work)
– Subtle Grain Brush Set (20 high-resolution brushes to simulate subtle grit and grime)
– Undergound Print Shop Brush Set (11 high-resolution brushes made from screen printed textures)
– Subtle Ink Brush Set (10 high-resolution brushes perfect for adding subtle texture)
– Installation Instructions PDF complete with easy-to-follow pictures

**What Customers are Saying**

*”Best thing I ever bought! Fantastic!”* – designate Wagner

*”I own some pricey plugins that don’t work as well as your products.”* – Evan Matthew Jones

*”So freaking remarkable. Thanks for making this.”* – Jonathan Mead

*”Looks incredible Dustin, can’t wait to achieve these to exercise!”* – Andrew Dale

*”Bought it. care for it. You had me at “60+ year frail paper from World War II. Literally, from the ships.”* – Kristi Colvin

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