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**This is a RESPONSIVE MOCKUP for presentations.**

**You can watch video of product presentation here** –

RESPONSIVE MOCKUP is easy and simple way for you to create your own desktop. All devices easy spin on scene with their shadows. You can change devices with screen using double click on smart object and that’s it.

You could consume it for header, mockups top-notch to consume for design applications or web pages, presentations, gallery presentations and more. Created for web designers, to preview their designs and websites in a professional and photo realistic way. Just insert your design in a smart object – image will fit in the screen. **It’s easy for your design**.

☀☀☀**UPDATE January 2018**☀☀☀

– Fixed screen aspect ratio in iPhone 7 plus

☀☀☀**UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2016**☀☀☀

*Added in product Responsive Mockup:*

– novel iPhone 7 plus black and white

*Сhanges in product Responsive Mockup:*

– Fixed reflection in some devices

☀☀☀**UPDATE JULY 2016**☀☀☀

*Added in product Responsive Mockup:*

– Logo on/off
– Glare on the screen devices on/off
– A branch in a vase with mirror on a 2 preview

*Сhanges in product Responsive Mockup:*

– Finalization of color correction
– Fixed camera in the MacBook 2015
– novel preview of the product as an example of presentation

I will be glad to your suggestions and adjustments, they’ll be included in the next update! Contact me in comments, at my e-mail or private mails on creative market;)

**Please note**

The product is intended for the user with a minimum knowledge of Photoshop!


– Well organised document
– 5120x3409px / 300Dpi / RGB
– Photoshop smart object used
– All items can easily be moved around as you like
– Black and white Apple devices
– Transparent the background
– Adding and removing device
– Background is smart object
– Realistic shadow
– on/off, setting reflections
– Glare on the screen devices on/off
– Logo on/off
– FREE updates

**What you net?**

– 2 Photoshop Document (.psd)
– 1 Quick Video Guide “Reflections settings” (.mp4)
– 1 back Document – Quick Guide “Edit Smart-Objects” (.pdf)

*In this product mockup* **You Will net** *apple devices* :

– iMac Retina 5k
– Cinema Display
– MacBook 2015
– iPhone 6 (black & white)
– iPhone 7 plus (black & white)
– iPad Pro (black & white)


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By purchasing this product you accept the conditions!

Thank you for seeing my product, I hope you’ve liked it and this product will be useful for you. If you like them, please recommend them, I will really appreciate this.

Feel free to contact me at

**appreciate! ツ**


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