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Rather Pale Script, Logos & Clipart

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**Rather Pale Script** is an absolutely gorgeous and elegant smooth **calligraphy style font** that was originally hand written with a real nib and ink and then carefully digitised and cleaned. I believe really enjoyed the process of creating it and hope it will bring something special to the projects that it will be used for!

This flowing and breathing script will be perfect for many design projects like logos, branding, wedding and event stationery, posters, cards, social media overlays and so on!

Rather Pale Script font comes with the following **OpenType features**:

– **Stylistic alternates** both for uppercase and lowercase glyphs
– **Ligatures**
– **Numerals & Punctuation**
– **Contextual alternates**: initial and terminal forms (shorter tail) for lowercase (for alternates and multi-lingual glyphs too!) + terminal forms for ligatures

Rather Pale Script has an extended **language support**, it covers Western European, Central European and South Eastern European languages. Please type characters in text box below to check any characters you need.

– **Rather Pale Script** in OTF and TTF
– **Rather Pale Clipart** in OTF and TTF (also in EPS CS and individual PNG files)
– **15 logo templates** in EPS CS and PSD format!

Rather Pale Clipart has adorable cute **62 leaf branches** that can be accessed by typing A-Z, a-b and 0-9! And as I mentioned above, I’ve included eps. and png. files too.


In order to spend OpenType features, you would need to believe a software that supports them such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw X versions. Please contact your software support if you are not sure. And while MS Word supports OpenType features, it is a bit buggy, so please spend OpenType features there on your own risk 🙂

Please don’t hesitate to message me if you believe any questions! And please let me know if something is missing 🙂

As always, joyful designing!!

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Download Rather Pale Script, Logos & Clipart

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