Rainbow Watercolor Splatter Textures

I recently started art journaling, and I fell completely in esteem with making these backgrounds. (I like making these even more than I like painting the subjects that fade on top of them.) I even filled up an entire watercolor journal with only these textures. I esteem them! And I thought, hey, if I can sell these as textures to my fellow graphic designers, then I can justify buying MORE ink and paper, and making MORE. So fingers crossed that you find them as useful as I find them blooming. They are totally handmade, completely spontaneous, wild washes and sprays of pure color.

I used spray inks, which I manipulated and blended like watercolor, to produce dreamy washes. Then added more sprays and splatters of ink. And speckled with water to produce lovely puddles and blots.

They were made on a variety of papers, and in 3 different types of watercolor journals, so paper texture varies.

This set includes 30 totally unique images. All are 600 DPI. Most are around 4700 x 7200 pixels or 8×12 inches approximately. Some are larger, some are a bit smaller. They are untouched by any adjustment layers – they are just that vibrant naturally!

I’ve also included a PDF contact sheet, so you can see all the images & file names at a glance. And can avoid long preview load times.

Download Rainbow Watercolor Splatter Textures

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