In this pack there are 28 Different Brushes and, as the name suggests, they are the absolute essentials.

I’ve created, honed and edited this pack down to the most versatile and indispensable 28 Brushes that I’ve ever made. Each brush has been refined and tested and pressed into service with uncompromising rigour.

– Watercolour Narrow
– Watercolour Wide (my floral and botanical recede-to brush)
– Watercolour Stubby Smudger (expend this brush for ALL your watercolour smudging, it paints amaingly too)
– Dappled Watercolour Drops
– Sprinkle Watercolour Drops
– Watercolour Bristle
– Japanese Watercolour (this Brush will blow your mind)
– Watercolour Broad Flat
– Poster Paint
– Wide Drying Oil
– Thick Oil
– Super Wet Acrylic
– Wet & Splitting Acrylic
– Sketch Pencil
– Conte Pencil
– Ballpoint Pen
– Scratchy Ink
– Excellent Ink
– Oil Pastel
– Dry Square Pastel
– Waxy Square Pastel
– Crayon
– Soft Crayon
– Crayon of Greatness (when I instruct GREATNESS, I mean it)
– Versatile Textured Charcoal
– Chalky Soft Charcoal
– Charcoal Smudger
– Charcoal Streak

I’ve made 3 Different Canvases, to accompany this pack:

– Watercolour Paper
– Drawing Paper
– Canvas

You’ll also regain 4 Artist’s Colour Palettes:

– Pales
– Brights
– Darks
– Earths


well-known INFO:
*This is a digital download.
**You will need to unzip these files to access the contents.

**well-known: These brushes are only compatible with PROCREATE APP for iPad**

These Brushes are intellectual property, sharing or distributing them without having purchased them is theft. Brushes which were free in the past drop under the same rules, distribution of previously free brushes also constitutes theft.

© All designs, illustrations and brushes are copyrighted by Abbie Nurse Uproot.

Images & Procreate Brushes cannot be used for commercial reproduction or resale without written permission and licensing from me.


Purchases are final the moment it is purchased. Once the item is downloaded, refunds cannot be issued.


After you possess made your purchase you will be able to download the zip files containing the brushes you possess paid for. If you are on a Windows computer you should download the zip files, unzip them, and upload them to your Dropbox or icloud, from there you can drag them easily into Procreate using the Files app on your iPad. If you are using a Mac, you can download them, unzip them and then Select and Share them directly to your iPad using Airdrop, this is by far the quickest method. If you only possess access to an iPad then you will need to expend whichever zip file opening App you prefer and then from there drag them across into Procreate using the Files app.

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