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PopType | Graphic Styles and More

**produce Your Typography Pop Off the Screen with One-Click in Illustrator**

own you ever tried to create simple 3D lettering in Illustrator? It’s crazy complicated to effect.

If you spend Extrude and Bevel you halt up with tons of extra points, weird shadows and all sorts of other crazy problems.

Try to effect it by hand and it takes forever (and sometimes ends up looking all erroneous).

We created PopType to beat this problem into submission. **PopType gives you 48 graphic styles that instantly (and painlessly) give your type a simple 3D effect.**

But we didn’t want to limit you with just these styles. So we’ve also created a “vault” of tutorials to encourage you learn how to spend graphic styles (so you can customize your type and build your own styles).

**Watch the PopType product tour video here:**

**Here’s everything you procure in the PopType pack:**

– 48 PopType graphic styles for Adobe Illustrator
– Instant access to the password protected PopType Vault containing 5 tutorials
– 1 PopType RoughTone halftone texture (lay it over your work for instant textured goodness)
– 1 PopType Grunge texture
– 4 brand fresh Photoshop brushes created from 1970s comic book ink textures
– 4 brand fresh Potoshop brush tool presets created from 1970s comic book ink textures with pressure sensitivity built-in
– 6 FizzleStock brand pieces of authentic retro clip art from the 1940s and 1950s

**Here’s all the PopType graphic styles you procure:**

– PopType Standard
– PopType Arc
– PopType Arc Upper
– PopType Arc Lower
– PopType Arch
– PopType Bulge
– PopType Shell Upper
– PopType Shell Lower
– PopType Flag
– PopType Rise
– PopType Shear Up
– PopType Shear Down

**Here’s the PopType tutorials you’ll procure access to:**

– Tutorial #1 | Installing your graphic styles
– Tutorial #2 | Installing your brushes
– Tutorial #3 | Customizing your styles
– Tutorial #4 | Using your brushes
– Tutorial #5 | Converting styles to vector

**Here’s the Photoshop distressed brushes you’ll procure access to:**

– PopType Texture Brush #1 – Large area of ink soaked cheap comic book paper
– PopType Texture Brush #2 – Scuffed ink texture (believe fine grain sandpaper on ink)
– PopType Texture Brush #3 – Another scuffed ink texture but more subtle
– PopType Texture Brush #4 – Standard ink soak texture

**Here’s the PopType Vector Textures you’ll procure access to:**

– PopType RoughTone – Real halftone texture with rough imperfect circles
– PopType Grunge – A rough and tumble vector grunge to lay over your work for snappily textures

**Teach a man to fish…**

What you’ll really treasure about this pack is that it makes you a better designer. Sure, you’ll procure the 48 graphic styles and other goodies. But the PopType vault tutorials will encourage you wrap your head around graphic styles (so you can smoothly navigate them and build your own).

**Buy PopType today so you can up your type game today!**

Download PopType | Graphic Styles and More

PopType | Graphic Styles and More graphic ratings

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