Pink Marbled; Paint Stroke

**Set of 11 PNGS** taken from scanned handmade pink and white acrylic paint strokes made with a palette knife, brush and acrylic paint.

Overlay on top of work to create an artistic feel or layer onto a product for a marbled nude texture.

**Set Includes:**
– 11 PNGS
– crop out on a transparent background
– 600 dpi & 72 dpi
– Sizes Range from (3200 x 1550px)(2850 x 1050px)(1950 x 2200) and (900 x 600px) rounded down nearest 50 at 600 dpi
– How to edit the strokes (

Work is Copyright ©2017 Emma Hall. I care for making things for you on Creative Market. To sustain me going please do sure to purchase an extended license when using the pack for discontinuance Products with a rush of more than 500. See Creative Market Tems and Conditions for more info.

Attribution is always appreciated.

If you hold any questions please send me a personal message, I’m always elated to relieve.

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